German MP: we should reconsider validity of Nord Stream 2

Construction of Nord Stream 2 pipeline on Baltic Sea. Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Roderich Kiesewetter of the German ruling CDU party said in an interview with "Tagesspiegel" daily that Nord Stream 2 is a “geopolitical project” and German politicians should reconsider its validity.

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Mr Kiesewetter is the first German politician, to visit Russia after the crisis in the Kerch Strait.

“It took years before the chancellor [Angela Merkel] admitted: ‘this is not only an economic project’. Similarly like other politicians of the faction, specialising in foreign policy, I consider Nord Stream 2 a mistake, because this is also a geopolitical project,” Mr Kiesewetter said in the interview.

“We need European energy and an energy foreign policy, but we do not have it, because of the arbitrariness of Gerhard Schröder [a former German Chancellor],” he added.

The German MP was asked if the construction of Nord Stream 2 can be stopped at this stage of construction. “In the case of further escalation, pressure should be put on Nord Stream 2 to express a clear message: ‘we do not want this project!’,” he said.

“We cannot continue this project at any cost. Germany should look strategically whether in the medium term more damage will result from continuing or questioning this project,” Mr Kiesewetter emphasised.

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“Russia wants to provoke Ukraine to ill-conceived actions, which will cause the situation to escalate,” the MP said when asked about the possible strategic aims of Moscow after the confrontation with Ukraine.

He was also asked about the possibility of imposing more sanctions on Russia, the German politician said that “we should not give the Russian authorities an ultimatum, but if the current situation continues, we have to react.”

The Nord Stream project, linking Russian gas fields with the German distribution network, is a profit-oriented venture, but critics fear it could also serve as a tool of economic blackmail.

This type of energy blackmail has already been used by the Kremlin against Ukraine in the past. Russia has used the export of its natural resources as a form of political pressure on many occasions, especially against the former Soviet republics.

Poland is a protesting against the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. In September, Donald Trump, the President of the US, also expressed his objections to this project.