Multinational division from northern Poland is ready to act

Command Vehicles Rosomak, received by the Multinational Division North East in Elbląg. Photo: PAP/Tomasz Waszczuk

The Multinational Division North East based in Elbląg, northern Poland, is ready for action, according to the Polish Defence Ministry.

One of the most important elements of the Anakonda 18 manoeuvers, which will end on Thursday, is the certification process of the operational capability of the Command of the Multinational Division North East. This assessment was made according to Allied Combat Readiness Standards conducted by the International Certification Team.

This certification will formally confirm the readiness of the Multinational Division North-East to act. On Thursday, the certification process for the Division’s Headquarters will be concluded.

Sources say that during the ceremony in Elbląg, the president will present general nominations to three officers of the Polish Army from the Multinational Division North East in Elbląg and the Multinational Corps North East in Szczecin.

Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak will also attend the ceremony.

Anakonda 18 are the biggest manoeuvers of the Polish Army in 2018. They are testing cooperation between the most important command bodies of the Polish Armed Forces and the non-military system (civil structures responsible for security), as well as selected elements of NATO command structures.

The main phase of the exercise was divided into two stages: practice with operational troops, carried out over November 7-16, 2018, and a command and staff practice, computer-aided, scheduled from November 26 to December 6.