List of Warsaw’s monuments extended

The Ujazdowski Castle (pictured) was built in 1548 by Polish queen of Italian origin Bona Sforza. Photo: Wikimedia Commons/Adrian Grycuk

The registry of Warsaw’s monuments has been extended to comprise more historical buildings including the Ujazdowski Castle, WWII bunkers, Praski Harbour (“Port Praski”), and a cycling track.

Although the Ujazdowski Castle was built in 1548 by Polish queen of Italian origin Bona Sforza, the first settlement evidence in Warsaw’s central area of Jazdów date back to the 11th century.

In the following years, the castle would pass from hand to hand, including Stanisław August Poniatowski – the last king to reign in Poland before the country was partitioned.

In 1809, when Poland found itself formally autonomous under Napoleonic France’s protection, the castle would become a hospital and remain as such even during the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Since 1985, the castle grounds serve the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle.

Other monuments with a WWII history that entered the list are the Nazi-German bunkers built after the fall of Warsaw Uprising to curb any possible future dissent. Some of the bunkers were threatened with demolition in 2017, however, due to civil protest they were left intact.

Praski Harbour, which also features on the list, is a river harbour connected to Vistula River. In the 19th century, a floating wharf was receiving goods and passengers brought by steamships. The wharf was consumed by fire in 2012.

The newest structure that entered Warsaw’s municipal registry is the Nowe Dynasy cycling track erected in 1972 according to Janusz Kalabarczyk. Due to underfinancing, the track is currently off-limits.