Electromobility to go public in Poland: COP24

The conservative government of Poland’s PM Mateusz Morawiecki will spend more than EUR 2.3 bln on electric mobility.

The plan to render Poland’s mobility more eco-friendly encompasses the production of a greater number of electric buses that are expected to become a standard means of transportation.

PM Morawiecki said that “today, Poland has become the fourth EU bus market in terms of electric fleets,” forecasting his country’s nearing advancement to the third place.

A great example of a Polish city going green is Poznań that will wake to the hum of 21 electric buses by January 2020. The buses will be provided by Solaris Bus and Coach. Carriers and the producer are expected to contract in the coming week. The contract will also see the construction of three charging stations.

According to Eurostat, Poland is responsible for only 9.8 percent of carbon dioxide emission of the EU as compared to Germany’s 23 percent.