Massive unexploded bomb found in north-western Poland

Photo: PAP/Bartłomiej Zborowski

As many as 25,000 people may be forced to leave their homes in Police (Western Pomerania province) as a bomb, most likely from the WWII era, has been found on a construction site.

The unexploded bomb was found on Thursday morning on the construction site. It weighs 250 kg. Minesweepers were immediately called in. They estimated that the endangered explosion zone may be a radius of 1.5 kilometres.

The site has been secured and nobody is allowed to approach it. Removal of the bomb is scheduled for Sunday. To allow this operation about 25,000 people living nearby will have to leave their houses. A hospital within the estimated danger zone needs to be evacuated too.

On Saturday, the residents will be reminded by the police and City Guards about the planned operation and the need for evacuation. Those who live outside of the danger zone will be asked to stay indoors until it's over and announced safe.