First Polish space photo taken in 40 years

Falcon 9 rocket with the Polish satellite aboard was launched on Monday. Photo: YouTube/SpaceX

Polish student-built satellite PW-Sat 2 took its first picture of Earth from space making it a first Polish space photo in 40 years.

Another Polish satellite in space

A Falcon 9 rocket, built by the company SpaceX took off from Vandenberg base in the US, as the part of an SSO-A mission. Onboard was the PW-Sat2...

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The satellite took the photograph on Wednesday, December 5, students report.

This is a landmark moment as it constitutes the first Polish satellite photo in history.

The first ever Polish space photo was taken by a hand-held camera, 40 years ago. In 1978, Polish astronaut Mirosław Hermaszewski photographed the Earth from orbit aboard the Soviet Soyuz spacecraft. He remains the only Polish national in space.

The PW-Sat2 satellite was constructed by the students of Warsaw University of Technology. On December 3, it was launched into space aboard the Falcon 9 rocket, built by the company SpaceX.

It is designed to help with utilizing space trash, objects that remain in orbit after their mission is over and are a threat to operational satellites. As a consequence of the human space activity, the number of these objects is already high and increasing. Polish students created a system that may decrease the number of objects endangering astronauts, for example, on the International Space Station (ISS). It was labelled “Deorbitation System – Sail” and consists of four square meters of mylar ten times thinner than hair.