Poles believe that voting makes a real choice: poll

Photo: PAP/Marcin Bielecki

Recent research shows that 47 percent of Poles surveyed by CBOS pollster in 2018 said that during elections in Poland, voters always have the option of real choices and a selection of candidates to choose from.

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Four years after the previous survey, CBOS again has asked Poles about five aspects related to the functioning of electoral mechanisms and procedures in Poland. According to the survey, most adult Poles say that the elections are conducted correctly, even though the previous local elections aroused many controversies, because of the many invalid votes and a long time to the announcement of the results by the State Electoral Committee.

Since December 2014, the percentage of those claiming that voters always have the option of real choices has increased by 15 points to the level of 47 percent. At the same time, the percentage of those who believe that voters have regularly had such an option has gone up from 19 to 23 percent.

As many as 42 percent of the respondents say that votes in the elections are always counted fairly. This is an increase compared to the previous research from December 2014, when only 29 percent had such opinion.

Moreover, the number of people saying that the voters in Poland are not bribed went up from 21 to 30 percent.

The percentage of people who say they can always trust the electoral committees increased from 26 from 33 percent, while the number of those who “very often” trust committees rose to 25 percent from 21 percent.

The survey was conducted after the recent local elections in Poland.

The research was conducted using the method of computer-assisted personal interviews on November 8-15, 2018, on a representative random sample of 999 adults resident in Poland.