PM in Brussels: no separate EU budget for Eurozone

In the aftermath of the EU summit in Brussels, PM Morawiecki commented on the decisions made by the member states on budget, Russia, and climate.

During the summit in Brussels, member states agreed on the continuation of economic sanctions towards Russia but not further steps were taken. PM Morawiecki said that the EU approach towards Russia is not homogenous, as “there are countries within the community which would prefer sanctions to be scrapped.” He reiterated that the Polish position on this matter remains unaltered and sanctions ought to remain in place.

During the summit, it has been agreed that the joint Eurozone budget should be included in EU budget for 2021-2027, not separate from it, as previous proposals assumed. The draft of the budget should be prepared by autumn 2019. Polish PM also said that this date is more “realistic” than the earlier proposals.

Talking about the joint strategy for tackling climate change, Mr Morawiecki expressed his content with the progress made and indicated the first half of 2019 as the time when further policy course will be established.