Polish, US gas giants ratify 20-yr LNG delivery pact

Polish state-owned oil and gas firm, PGNiG, and Texas-based Port Arthur LNG signed a 20-year deal for the supply of gas to Poland in Warsaw on Wednesday.

Recently, Poland also signed long-term gas delivery deals with American suppliers Cheniere Energy and two subsidiaries of Venture Global LNG. These deals have been sealed as both Poland and the United States have been trying to stop Nord Stream 2 − a pipeline under construction which, when finished, would transport gas from Russia to Germany.

Poland, along with several other European countries, see Nord Stream 2, which bypasses Ukraine, as a political project meant to weaken that country and gain leverage over Europe by making it more dependent on Russian gas.

PGNiG CEO Piotr Wozniak said the contract fully completes his company’s long-term LNG import portfolio. He stressed that today’s deal is a standard contract for LNG deliveries and will “crown” the contracts already signed by PGNiG. No financial details were disclosed.

The deliveries are to start in 2023 and ultimately reach an annual level of 2.7 billion cubic metres.

Port Arthur LNG is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy − the largest natural gas utility in the US in terms of coverage area and clients.