Polish Football Association suspends licence of Wisła Kraków

On Monday, the Polish Football Association (PZPN) announced that they had decided to suspend the licence of Polish top-tier team Wisła Kraków due to the unclear legal situation of the club and numerous violations of the provisions of the License Manual.

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If the club’s licence remains suspended at the start of the LOTTO Ekstraklasa spring competition, Wisła Kraków will be removed from the league.

“The decision was made due to the lack of contact from both the previous and new owners of Wisła Kraków. In fact, all information about the club comes only from press reports, we did not have direct contact with the club's authorities. We do not know who the current owner of Wisła is officially, and who manages the club. We understand that the formalities have happened, about which we have not been formally informed. This is a violation of the rules contained in the License Manual, hence our response could be only one: the suspension of the licence for playing in Ekstraklasa (top-tier Polish league). We are waiting for formal explanations and information from the club,” the Chairman of the Committee on Club Licences for PZPN, Krzysztof Rozen said.

This decision means that the club has to show the transaction agreement within a few days, present the ownership structure of the joint-stock company and present the financial documents, which will then be analysed.

In late December 2018, Vanna Ly and Mats Hartling signed a contract to take over Wisła Kraków. The new owners pledged to repay the licence debt (PLN 12 mln - EUR 2.8 mln) by December 28, which was the necessary condition for the transaction to be completed.

The money, however, did not appear on Wisła’s account, and contact with Vanna Ly suddenly faded. Initially, the club reported that he fell ill on his way to New York. On Wednesday further information appeared stating that Vanna Ly had a heart attack.

On January 2, the Wisła Sports Association announced the cancellation of the club takeover agreement due to the violation of the key provision.