Large pack of wolves spotted in Bieszczady Mountains

A tourist hiking in Bieszczady Mountains, in southeast Poland, came across an unusually large pack of wolves that included 23 animals.

“It is a very rare phenomenon, because usually wolves travel in packs of six to eight animals”, said the spokesman for the Regional Directorate of the State Forests in Krosno, Mr Edward Marszałek.

The tourist, Mr Adrian Czech, managed to take several photos of the wolves.

“January and February are mating months for wolves. They usually become less alert at the time and it is easier to spot them while hiking”, explained Mr. Marszałek of the State Forests.

The Bieszczady National Park reports that the population of wolves in the Park and its surroundings ranges from 28 to 38 animals, which travel in four packs of 5 to 14 wolves.

According to other sources, the population of wolves in the whole Podkarpackie Region may be as high as 500.