Short film from Poland goes to Hollywood

“Credo” a movie made by a Polish team will feature at one of the world’s biggest short films festivals in Hollywood.

“Credo” directed by Mikołaj Wróbel is the only Polish production that has qualified for the ISFF (Independent Short Film Festival) Screening & Awards organised by the Directors Guild of America. Only 48 out of 130 movies from around the world have been chosen for this festival.

“We couldn’t believe it. To us it is something absolutely exceptional,” said Mateusz Śliwa, the movie producer and camera operator.

“Credo” tells the story of a taxi driver who makes a living not from driving the taxi, but in a different, very unusual way. The film has a dynamic action and it keeps the audience in suspense from the first scenes. The director mixed genres like dark comedy, thriller and more and managed to deliver a surprising ending to the story. Saying more would spoil the movie for those, who haven’t seen it, so we will stop here.

The director Mikołaj Wróbel started to work on this movie during his last year of high school. But it is not his first production. Despite his young age he has been involved in the making of two other films already.

On the 14th of February Mikołaj Wróbel, accompanied by the movie producer and camera operator Mateusz Śliwa, will travel to Hollywood to participate in the festival’s final gala.