Four Hills Tournament: Pole second in Bischofshofen, Austria

Polish ski jumper Dawid Kubacki, with two jumps of 138 and 130 metres, came second in the last leg of the Four Hills Tournament held in Bischofshofen, Austria. He was surpassed only by the phenomenal Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi who secured the grand slam title.

The Pole was thus placed fourth in the tournament’s final classification. He was close to the tournament’s podium and certainly he had his eyes set on it as during today’s qualification jumps he broke the hill’s record. He jumped 145 metres!

Sunday’s event in Bischofshofen saw Kubacki gain 268 points. He won 1,010 points in all four events.

22-year-old Kobayashi, who leads this season’s World Cup standings, won Sunday’s competition, having soared 137.5 metres on his second attempt.