Wisła Kraków football club raided by prosecutors

On Tuesday morning, police entered the headquarters of Wisła Kraków, one of the oldest and most successful Polish football clubs.

Polish Football Association suspends licence of Wisła Kraków

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Police have raided the headquarters of Polish football club Wisła Kraków and homes of its board members. The raid is part of an investigation into alleged irregularities in the sale of club’s shares last year to foreign companies, according to the private TVN24 news channel.

News reports claim that the deal, which details have not been yet revealed, was signed with alleged shell companies from Luxembourg and the UK. The funds, however, were never sent to the Kraków club. Consequently, the Polish football association suspended Wisła’s league licence.

The ongoing investigation is also to reveal whether the current mass debts of the club, amounting to over PLN 40 mln, stem from mismanagement by the club’s former chairwoman, Marzena Sarapata.

The investigation is being led by Jan Kościsz, from the city prosecutor’s office who arraigned a notorious hooligan connected with the same club in the late 1990s.

Should the club’s finance remain to be unregulated, it will most likely declare bankruptcy. In this case, the bankruptcy administrator will be in charge of the club, its trophies, as well as players.