Dead Pole found in truck in Italy

The body of dead Polish driver was found in the cockpit of a truck parked in town of Termoli, southern Italy.

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The authorities believe that the deceased driver died because of the carbon monoxide poisoning. They seized a gas cooker, used by Pole to prepare meals and to warm up the cockpit of the truck during the night.

The car park, where the dead Pole has been found, is used by suppliers of nearby Fiat Chrysler Automobiles factory.

The precise cause of death will be known after the autopsy, which will be conducted next days.

“Passing away of a Polish driver is another case of death caused by inhumane work conditions,” Maurizio Diament, a representative of Italian Transport Federation (Fit-CISL) told local news website

He added that Fit-CISL wants to meet with representatives of the employers to deal with this problem, which in their opinion is getting more and more common in Italy.