Crowds gather at funeral of escape room fire victims

Family, friends and citizens of Koszalin, northern Poland, are taking part in the funeral of five girls, who died in a fire of escape room that happened last Friday.

Escape room fire: safety deficiencies revealed, suspect charged

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The funeral holy mass started at 11 am local time at the St. Casimir church in Koszalin. Only family and closest friends of deceased girls were allowed to enter the temple, but other people are able to watch the ceremony on the screen set outside.

“Today we are here, in the church along with these girls and I want all of us to think about them in the best way. What comes to my mind right away is friendship,” priest Wojciech Pawlak said during the mass. Father Pawlak was the religion teacher of dead girls. “They were together in this friendship and will remain in it,” he added.

“Sometimes one who had seen and known them could have envied this friendship,” the priest, who is celebrating the funeral mass, said.

The funeral is organised by the authorities of Koszalin. The City Hall provided buses for all people, who would like to participate in the funeral procession to the cemetery. It is scheduled to start at 2 pm.

Five teenage girls 20 died in a fire of an escape room last Friday. An inspection conducted at the scene has revealed multiple safety infringements. A person reportedly responsible has been charged with manslaughter.