New organ to be built in Polish Gothic basilica

One of the newest organs in the world will be built in St. Mary's Basilica in Krakow, southern Poland.

The new instrument will have 62 notes, including seven historic ones from older instruments. The organ is to be ready in 2020, for the 700th anniversary of the consecration of the basilica.

The Austrian company Rieger Orgelbau, whose instruments are present, among others, in the philharmonics in Paris and Vienna, won the tender for the construction.

"I have justified expectations that the new main organ in St. Mary's Basilica will be one of the best instruments in Poland and in Europe,” the director of the Interuniversity Institute of Church Music in Kraków Witold Zalewski said.

Mr Zalewski’s words carry a certain weight since he has had the opportunity to play Rieger Orgelbau instruments, among others, in Israel.

The company from Kraków, Comarch SA, is the co-founder of the new instrument and coordinates the entire project of revitalizing the musical space in the church.