Sailor missing at sea

The rescue mission for a sailor missing at the Baltic Sea concluded with no result. He was last seen on board of the ship on Thursday night.

10 ships took part in a rescue mission for a missing sailor. 29 years old Ukrainian was last seen onboard of the ship on Thursday night. Unfortunately the search gave no result.

The crew informed that one of its members has gone missing at about 22:00 when the ship that serves oil platforms approached the port in Gdynia. He supposedly fall overboard at 16:00 about 4-5 nautical miles away from the shore. The rescue mission started immediately.

The Voluntary Water Rescue Emergency Service, Search and Rescue team, Polish Border Guard and the military, all got involved in the search operation that covered big area stretching from the Władysławowo altitude, where he was last seen, down to the port in Gdynia.

After eight hours the rescue mission concluded on Friday morning. The sailor hasn’t been found, but the search will not resume.