Drones to help fight pollution in Warsaw

Two drones with cameras and specialist equipment will help the Warsaw municipal police with research on air quality and with detecting sources of poisonous fumes.

Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski announced that the city would buy more devices if they prove their usefulness “in the field”.

“Thanks to these drones, it will be much easier to localise the polluters,” he said.

Apart from drones, the city of Warsaw owns five so-called “smog wagons” with specialist equipment for examining air quality.

Mr Trzaskowski pointed out that the innovative equipment was supplied thanks to the cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology.

Drones are operated by two people. The device is equipped with a sensor, which will measure the chemical compounds in the fume.

The municipal police announced that inspections would be frequent, mainly in areas where waste incineration has taken place in the past, and in the single-family-house districts.

According to the coordinator for sustainable development and green areas of Warsaw Justyna Glusman, the problem of smog in Warsaw is concentrated in such districts as Wawer, Rembertów, Białołęka, and Ursus.

A fine of up to PLN 500 can be imposed for waste incineration.