‘Poland third most welcoming country’: Booking.com

Based on the share of properties receiving an award in 2018, for the first time ever Booking.com revealed the ‘most welcoming’ places on Earth according to customer reviews.

Amsterdam-headquartered Booking.com is one of the biggest travel fare aggregator website and travel metasearch engine for lodging reservations.

Poland is only trumped by Austria that bags the top spot in the ‘most welcoming’ country category and the Czech Republic which is at the second spot.

New Zealand, Taiwan, Romania, Hungary, Ireland, Serbia, and Greece are the other countries that make it in the top 10.

The most welcoming destinations are Göreme (Turkey), Slunj (Croatia), Cape Eluanbi (Taiwan), Niagara-on-the-Lake (Canada), Lake Tekapo (New Zealand), Bendigo (Australia), Newport, RI (United States), Nozawaonsen (Japan), Fernando de Noronha (Brazil), and El Chaltén (Argentina).

This is especially relevant for three out of four global travellers that say friendly and interesting locals are one of their top considerations when selecting a destination for their next trip.

Travel guide book publisher Lonely Planet state that “picturesque cities like Kraków and Gdańsk vie with energetic [Polish capital] Warsaw for your urban attention. Elsewhere, woods, rivers, lakes and hills beckon for some fresh-air fun.”

After having opened its door to the West following the fall of the Communism in 1989 and joining the European Union in 2004, Poland has witnessed a tourist boom.