1 dead, 6 injured after mine tremor

A tremor occurred in the “Rudna” mine located in South-Western Poland. One of the miners trapped underground has died, six others are injured.

A tremor occurred at 10:00 am on Saturday in the “Rudna” mine located in Polkowice. It was strong enough to cause a collapse that has trapped four miners some 900 meters underground. The rescue mission was launched immediately.

One of the miners has died due to his injuries. Three miners have been found alive but are seriously wounded. Three others that were close to the accident site have managed to the surface on their own, but required medical attention.

All injured miners have been transported to the the nearby hospitals.

On Friday night there was a minor tremor preceding the one that caused the collapse. One of the mining machinery operators has got trapped in the cab, but he was released by the rescuers.

The mine that belongs to KGHM Miedź Polska, a Polish mining giant, is closed now. The team of experts needs to examine the damage.