Błaszczykowski will lend money to troubled football club

A loan of PLN 4 million should be enough to save Wisła Kraków for now. Jakub Błaszczykowski, who wants to play for the football club in need, is among the lenders.

“Wisła Kraków will receive PLN 4 million as a loan,” informed Jarosław Królewski, the head of CEO Synerise, a company which helps the football club to sort its problems. Due to its financial issues Wisła Kraków’s license to play in the Polish football Ekstraklasa league is being withheld.

According to Jarosław Królewski statement, in the group of investors, that are willing to help the club, are two other lenders apart from him. One is a businessman that wants to stay anonymous and the other one is Jakub Błaszczykowski, a renowned Polish football player. The three of them will lend equal amounts of money that will give PLN 4 million in total.

This is a great news for the football club and its players. They haven't received any money for the last few months. Thanks to the loan they should get paid next week.

Jakub Błaszczykowski did not give any comments on the matter yet. But PLN 1.3 million, which is his share in the loan given to the club, must be a significant sum even for a famous football player.

On December 2018 Błaszczykowski has resigned from playing for German VfL Wolfsburg club and announced that he wants to join Wisła Kraków. His decision to put his money into this rescue mission, shows his determination to save the Polish club.

For the Wisła Kraków club, its players and the lenders the priority now is to get back the license to play in the league.