Ski jumping: Poles defeated only by invincible Kobayashi

Dawid Kubacki finished second while Kamil Stoch was third during the ski jumping World Cup event in Predazzo, Italy, on Saturday.

Ski Jumping: Poles to compete in ‘lucky Predazzo’

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Piotr Żyła claimed seventh place, Stefan Hula was 29th, while Jakub Wolny and Maciej Kot did not make it to the final round.

Kubacki proved that he has been in terrific form recently, and the low place in Innsbruck, when he lost against the weather conditions, was only an unfortunate hitch.

Further good news was the third place for Kamil Stoch. The most experienced Polish jumper is still working on an in-run position and rebound, and his recent results were certainly not what he would have wished for. In a venue where he won the world championships’ gold medal six years ago, he showed that he is still a worthy opponent of other jumpers...

That is, apart from a certain Japanese. The World Cup leader Ryoyu Kobayashi stunned the competition once again, winning with an overwhelming advantage of nearly 27 points over second place Kubacki. It was his sixth triumph in a row in World Cup events. If he wins on Sunday, he will beat the record he has just equalled, no one else has ever won seven straight World Cup events.

Although Kobayashi is currently beyond reach, Polish fans have reason to be happy. In the top 5 World Cup standings, they have three fellow countrymen: Piotr Żyła is second, Kamil Stoch third, while Dawid Kubacki jumped to fifth place.