Police save sexagenerian from death in flames

Police officers Krzysztof Lechowski and Kamil Bednarski rushed into a burning apartment at a block of flats in the central town of Nowe Miasto nad Pilicą and saved a man in his sixties from imminent death in flames.

The police officers were informed in the morning that a fire had broken out in one of the apartments. Upon arrival, the policemen found that someone was still inside the flat.

Seeing smoke effusing from beneath the door, the police officers broke it down and found a man on the ground with his head buried in cardboard. Despite smoke and fire, the men rushed inside the apartment and carried the unconscious man to safety.

The rescued person is now hospitalised and his life is not in danger. The police officers have also evacuated 14 other inhabitants, one of whom, a handicapped woman, was also hospitalised.

The construction supervision has barred off the apartment where the fire started. The source of the fire remains unknown.