Poland signs agreement on def cooperation with Croatia

A new framework agreement on defence cooperation between Poland and Croatia was signed on Monday by the Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak, who paid a two-day visit to Croatia.

During his visit, Mr Błaszczak met with his Croatian counterpart Damir Krstičević, and visited the most important cemetery for Croatians, the Mirogoj cemetery.

On Monday, a bilateral framework agreement on defence cooperation was signed between Poland and Croatia.

“It is composed of 25 elements, is very comprehensive and provides grounds for a consolidation of relations," Mr Błaszczak said.

"We also spoke about cooperation between our states’ arms industries. We are on a good path to strengthening it. We have common plans on how to use the potential of our states to build a system, which will ensure the security of Poland, Croatia and Europe," the Polish official stated.

Mr Błaszczak pointed out that Croatian soldiers are already operating in Poland. They are part of the battalion battle group commanded by the Americans, which was established during the NATO summit in Warsaw in 2016. The Croats are equipped with a self-propelled rocket artillery battery.

"The programme of my visit is connected with our cooperation. We highly appreciate Croatia's engagement to the enhanced Forward Presence and the Visegrad (V4) EU Battlegroup," Mr Błaszczak added, recalling that last year the V4 invited Croatia to participate in joint military manoeuvers.

Croatian Defence Minister Damir Krstičević said that this invitation was a sign of Croatia's solidarity and friendship with Poland, and that both countries share a common goal, which is a strong NATO eastern flank.