Polish FM proposes solution for Brexit deadlock

The Polish Foreign Minister Jacek Czaputowicz suggested in an interview with “Rzeczpospolita” daily how the UK and Ireland could solve the dispute about the so-called backstop between Ireland and Northern Ireland.

‘No-deal Brexit bad for UK and EU’: PM

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The issue of backstop concerns keeping Northern Ireland, a part of the UK, in the EU customs union and retaining some regulations of the European Common Market, until the new rules of the UK-EU are established.

Mr Czaputowicz said that he spoke about it with his counterparts, Simon Coveney from Ireland and Jeremy Hunt from the UK. “Bold steps are necessary... If Ireland applied to the EU to modify the decisions concerning backstop to make it temporary, for let’s say five years, the problem would be solved,” the Polish FM said.

The minister stressed that such a solution would be less beneficial for Ireland than indefinite backstop, but still much better than Brexit without agreement.

In the opinion of Mr Czaputowicz, Ireland had a pretext to treat the UK harshly. “Probably they assumed that the UK will agree on the indefinite backstop, but it did not happen,” he said. “The consequence is that Ireland will lose the most and this country will have to maintain the external border of the EU,” the minister said.

In the same interview, the FM was also speaking about the forthcoming Middle East conference that will be held in Warsaw in February.