Acclaimed opera director passes away

Ryszard Peryt, actor, director and head of the Polish Royal Opera died at the age of 71.

Mr Peryt was the only person in the world who realised all Mozart’s operas and all the works of Claudio Monteverdi. He often directed these performances abroad, in countries such as Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

He started his career as an actor, but he is mostly associated with opera theatres where he had exclusively worked since the 1980s. In 1996 he was nominated for the position of the director of the Great Theatre – National Opera in Warsaw, but resigned after only a year.

In 2009, he established the Opera Institute, based on the cooperation of three Warsaw artist universities: Fryderyk Chopin University of Music, Fine Arts Academy and Theatre Academy. He had been the head of the Polish Royal Opera since August 2017.

Mr Peryt was also an oblate of the Redemptorist order.