Millions for game industry

The Polish game industry is developing at an impressive rate. PLN 100 million from the National Centre for Research and Development may stimulate its growth and innovation even further.

Thanks to the funding from the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) some small game developers can think big and make a name for themselves.

The GameINN programme allows companies and scientific-business consortia to apply for significant financial support. The whole programme budget is Pln 100 million (EUR 23 million) and the donations can vary from PLN 400,000 to PLN 20,000,000.

“The game industry is a very dynamic part of the Polish economy and many technologies used in it can find their application in other fields too. I am sure that the money allocated in this programme will help the Polish economy,” said Jarosław Gowin, the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

In 2018 the overall value of the game developing companies in Poland included on the Forbes list was PLN 26.2 billion (EUR 6.1 billion). Some of them are world class studios like CD Projekt Red, the creator of The Witcher series or Techland, known for the Dying Light titles. But there are many small developers with big potential too.

“In the previous two editions of the GameINN programme we have supported 74 different projects and it was mostly medium and small companies that benefited from such help,” explained Maciej Chorowski, the director of NCBR.

So far the NCBR has given PLN 195 million in donations for game industry projects. New applications will be accepted in the period between 15th of March and 14th of June 2019.