Give us our people back: Polish PM discusses Brexit on BBC

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has said that he wants to see more workers return home from the UK as Polish unemployment hits a record low.

PM Morawiecki told the BBC that “more and more [Polish nationals] are coming back and I’m pleased about that because there is a low level of unemployment... Give us our people back”.

He added that those who desire to stay should be “treated exactly as they are now”.

Speaking in Davos at the World Economic Forum, Mr Morawiecki said that he hopes “many Poles would come back to Poland”, since the unemployment level in Poland is low and GDP growth stands at 5.5 percent.

There are currently over a million Poles living the UK, making the community the largest foreign diaspora in the country.

Poles started moving en masse to the UK following EU accession in 2004. Many fear that after the UK leaves the Union, it will be much harder for Poles and other nationalities to remain in Great Britain, despite having families, homes and careers.

Mr Morawiecki said PM Theresa May had committed herself to treat Poles in the same way as now following Brexit.

He said that a “hard Brexit” would be damaging for the UK, Poland and the whole EU.