Russian tanks near Polish border

Russia has strengthened its ground forces located near Poland by moving a tank regiment some 30 kilometres from the border between the two countries.

The strength of the motorised infantry in Gusev city, Kaliningrad Oblast, has been significantly boosted. “Nezavisimaya Gazeta” a Russian daily stated that a tank regiment was moved some 30 kilometres from the Poland-Russia border.

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Gusev is a place where the 79th Separate Guards Mechanised Infantry Brigade is stationed. It already had about 40 tanks at its disposal. It is estimated that the regiment that has been moved consists of 90 tanks.

Russia claims that the regiment will take part in the “Tank Biathlon” military exercise and that this is the only reason for its location. T-72B tanks crews will perform, among other, firing training at stationary and moving targets. The best crews will take part in the final competition among tankers of the whole Russian Western Military District.

In the army of the Kaliningrad special district at the beginning of 2010 there were 811 tanks, 1,239 armoured vehicles and armoured personnel carriers of various types, 345 artillery and rocket systems. The forces stationed there have seen a significant increase in numbers during the last decade and according to the latest official data, the region holds 225,000 military personnel.