Poles recruited for German police

Due to its depleted police ranks, the Federal Republic of Germany’s northeastern member state of Brandenburg started recruiting Poles.

The first three graduates have already joined the Brandenburg police ranks after concluding their training which they started in 2015. Positioned in the city of Frankfurt am Oder right next to the German-Polish border, they work in an environment just steps away from their homeland.

The issue of vacancies within the federal and state police is not exclusive to Brandenburg but it is a problem faced by the whole of Germany. In Brandenburg alone, a total of 400 new police officers need to be employed to fill all the openings left by retiring officers.

Given Brandenburg’s localisation next to the Polish border, its authorities had decided to reach out to Poles in 2015 and, as a result, a total of 354 Polish men and 181 Polish women responded.

A total of 15 were admitted to the Brandenburger police school in the city of Oranienburg at the suburbs of Berlin. The spokesman of Brandenburger interior ministry in Potsdam Ingo Decker said that the recruitment of Poles would continue.

The Polish-German police agreement enables conducting joint patrols in the Polish-German borderland areas, allows both nation’s police officers to cross both countries’ borders in pursuit of criminals and secures close cooperation in fighting crime.