Lower house votes for ‘Mama 4+’ programme

Sejm, the lower house of the Polish parliament, voted for the bill introducing ‘Mama 4+’ social programme, supplying a parental supplementary provision under which women who have given birth and brought up at least four children.

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The programme concerns a parental supplementary provision for women who have given birth and brought up at least four children, who will now be entitled to a minimum retirement pension. Moreover, fathers will also be entitled to the benefit, if the mother of the children is deceased or if she abandoned them.

The programme was announced by the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki last week. The government estimates that over 85,000 people will be entitled to the aid.

Discussing this year’s government budget, Piotr Biełka told Poland In that the additional benefit is not likely to be a major cost for the government, affecting as it does only a small proportion of pensioners.

Elżbieta Rafalska, the Family, Labour, and Social Policy minister said before the vote that this programme is “an honourable solution, appreciating the job of parenting.” She called opposition MPS to vote for the bill, but the majority of them abstained.

As many as 259 MPs voted for the new regulations, 20 were against it and 134 abstained. Now the Senate, the upper house of the Polish parliament will work on the bill. The plan is planned to come into force in March.