Ski jumping: no Poles on podium, Kobayashi strikes back

Ryoyu Kobayashi won the Saturday ski jumping World Cup event in Oberstdorf, Germany, while Polish jumpers finished behind the podium.

Despite his huge advantage in the World Cup standings, Ryoyu was not considered as a favourite in the competition, since he did not achieve a single victory in the last five events. Moreover, for the first time this season, in Friday’s competition, he was out of the top 10 after the final round.

However, in a sense unexpectedly, he was leading after the first round, with a slight advantage over the second-placed Piotr Żyła.

The hosts’ representative, Markus Eisenbichler, was inches away from his very first career victory after a staggering 237.5-metre jump, but the World Cup leader replied in a magnificent way, reaching 234 metres, and beating Eisenbichler by only half a point.

Stefan Kraft, who has recently been in form, finished third.

Piotr Żyła soared 221 metres in the final round, which allowed him to repeat his Friday result, that is fourth place. Kamil Stoch managed to move up the ranks a bit, from tenth place after the first round to sixth. Dawid Kubacki, second on Friday, this time did not have a good day, as he was 22nd. Jakub Wolny was 16th.

Sunday’s event will conclude the three-day competition on a ski flying hill in Oberstdorf.