Ski jumping: Kamil Stoch wins in Oberstdorf

Kamil Stoch won the Sunday event of the ski jumping World Cup in Oberstdorf, while Dawid Kubacki finished third after an exciting finale to the competition.

This was the first World Cup event won by Kamil Stoch this season, and the 32nd in his career. Interestingly, the Polish triple Olympic champion has been winning at least one World Cup competition a year since 2011.

The Polish duo got separated by the Russian Evgeniy Klimov, whose jumps were surprisingly long on Sunday. Piotr Żyła finished fourth, for a… fourth time in a row, while Jakub Wolny improved his best career result, coming sixth.

After the first round, the leader was Ryoyu Kobayashi, the winner from Saturday, however, his advantage over Klimov was lower than a point. Wolny, Stoch and Żyła were also close behind, with real chances of claiming the top 3 places.

But first, it was Kubacki, seventh at the halfway stage, who soared 228.5 metres in the final round, which was the furthest jump of the round as well. That allowed him to move up in the ranks, claiming third place.

Kamil Stoch took the lead with a jump one-metre shorter than Kubacki, with nearly eight points of advantage. Piotr Żyła reached 220.5 metres but, once again, it did not let him enjoy the podium. Jakub Wolny landed at 211.5 metres, securing a place in the top 10, which was his best result of the season.

Klimov withstood the pressure and soared 223.5 metres, securing a place in the top 3. Ryoyu Kobayashi’s 206 metres did not allow him to win for the 11th time this season, moreover, he fell remarkably low in the ranking, ultimately finishing ninth.

Sunday’s competition was one of the finest performances of Polish ski jumpers in history - four of them finished in the top 6, a domination rarely seen nowadays in World Cup events. Moreover, this was the first victory of a Polish jumper in history at the ski flying hill in Oberstdorf.

Kamil Stoch is the leader of the ski flying World Cup, awarded with the Small Crystal Globe, with 185 points. In World Cup standings he is second, but a considerable 451 points behind Ryoyu Kobayashi. Piotr Żyła is… fourth, while Dawid Kubacki is fifth. Jakub Wolny moved from 29th to 24th place.