Football: 40,000 shares of Wisła Kraków sold over one day

Polish football club Wisła Kraków sold its shares worth PLN four mln (EUR 0.93) via a crowdfunding platform

Błaszczykowski will lend money to troubled football club

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The sale of the shares of the club based in Kraków, southern Poland, commenced on Tuesday morning. The price for a single one was PLN 100 (EUR 23.03). The interest in them exceeded all expectations of the organisers. There were moments when the website where the shares were able to buy broke down.

The sale was scheduled to last until March 5, but already on Wednesday, all 40,000 shares were sold to 9,124 buyers.

Wisła Kraków is the first Polish football club that has decided to sell its shares via crowdfunding platform of this kind.

The club from Kraków had been facing severe financial trouble for some time. In January Wisła received a loan which helped it to start preparations for the second round of the Polish league. One of the creditors was Jakub Błaszczykowski, one of the best Polish footballers and a current player of the team.

Thanks to this money, some transfers and interest in buying season tickets by the supporters, Wisła is in much better financial condition than at the turn of the year. is a platform of crowdfunding. This is an alternative way of investing in companies. Many individual investors gain shares by purchasing them online.