New funding for preservation of antiques

Over PLN 2 mln has been designated for the conservation of antiques in 2019 in the Podlasie region, the regional chief conservator announced.

The funds are unprecedented as last year the amount was almost eight times smaller. The chief regional conservator, Professor Małgorzata Dajnowicz, said that the funds are finally adequate to the needs, as in the past they used to be “blatantly low”.

Owners of artefacts can now apply for state financing of their preservation. The funds usually encompass half of the preservation costs but the proportion may be increased to cover all of the expense in some specific cases.

Ms Dajnowicz also gave details of 70 new artefacts from the region which have been included in the national historic registry. Among them are a railway station building from 1905, the 17th century wooden Church of St Barbara in Kramarzewo, and the historic Jewish cemetery in Siemiatycze, originating from the 18th century.