No incidents following Polish meat consumption: Slovakian Health Office head

The head of the Slovakian Public Health Office said, in the Slovakian Parliament, that there were no reports of Polish meat causing any health incidents among the country’s population.

Illegal meat in 14 EU countries

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Over 200kg of Polish meat has been delivered to Slovakian restaurants and canteens.

“We have researched that almost all of the meat has been consumed. According to our analyses, there were no health issues among the population,” said Jan Mikas, head of the Slovakian Public Health Office.

He added that the review of the imported Polish beef is still taking place.

Last month, Polish private broadcaster TVN24 published a documentary depicting the illegal slaughter of diseased cows in a facility in Poland that took place without the vet’s supervision. It has been confirmed that the meat was sent to 14 EU countries, including Slovakia.

Following the news, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini and Agriculture Minister Gabriela Mateczna appealed for the consumption of meat coming solely from Slovakian slaughterhouses.