Silver coins to mark centenary of Polish Legislative Parliament

A collectors’ edition of silver coins was issued by the National Bank of Poland to mark the 100th anniversary of the first session of the Legislative Parliament

February 10th 1919 is the date when the Polish parliament met for the first time since the country regained its independence after 123 years under the partitions conducted by Habsburg Austria, the Kingdom of Prussia, and the Russian Empire.

“At this hour I can feel the heartbeat of Polish hearts and I am happy and honoured to open the session of the Polish parliament, which will be the only landlord of our fathers’ home again,” said Marshal of Poland Józef Piłsudski during the inauguration of the Legislative Parliament.

The National Bank of Poland issued 15,000 silver coins to mark the centenary of that event. On its reverse they have a portrait of Wojciech Trąmpczyński, who was chosen as the first marshal of the Legislative Parliament.

On the reverse of the coin there are the coats of arms of the Second and Third Polish Republic to emphasise the continuity of democratic traditions. There is also a Latin inscription that translates as “the good of the republic should be the supreme law”, which was a motto of the Polish Second Republic.

The coins nominal value is PLN 10 but they will be sold for PLN 120 each. Their value is expected to increase with time.