PM to diaspora: make Americans fall in love with Poland

During the 60 Million Congress - Global Polonia Summit taking place February 7-10 in Miami - Poland’s PM Mateusz Morawiecki praised in a video conference the Polish diaspora’s patriotic conduct and spoke of the role that Poles in the US play and should continue to play to create an image of a respectable Polish society.

“You can bring about the growth of Polish ideas on American soil. May Poland speak through your deeds... be active in your local communities... Encourage Americans to invest in Poland, to collaborate with our compatriots around the world,” said Mr Morawiecki, adding that “our relations with the US have never been as good as today. This is a great chance for Poland; however, without you, it may not come to be fulfilled.”

The PM told the Polish diaspora that late US president Ronald Reagan was right to call Poland the centre of European civilization.

“Let us show that we are the beating heart of Europe, for the deeper Poland will be rooted in Americans’ hearts, the stronger Poland shall be. Poland needs you. If our homeland is to be truly great, truly strong and truly prosperous, without you this will not come about,” said Mr Morawiecki, adding that the work for Poland is the most important task of all for a Pole in Poland or abroad.

The Polish PM told the diaspora that, on a daily basis, it is doing far more than many people in Poland.” “You deserve great thanks for that, but Poland needs even more from you… You need to do all you can so that the Americans fall in love with Poland.”

For his part, Poland’s deputy Maritime Economy minister Grzegorz Witkowski, who personally attended the 60 Million Congress in Miami, called the event a very worthy initiative.

During his stay, Mr Witkowski talked with employees and executives of transport firms and companies which construct and renovate cruise ships that call not only at the Caribbean but also Mediteranean and Baltic ports, including Poland’s Gdańsk and Gdynia. Mr Witkowski said that he is full of positive expectations of the benefits that might be brought about after an optional letter of intent is signed between the ministry and East Coast harbours’ heads.

“The role of Polish diaspora businessmen… is crucial... When troubles in freight, transportation and logistics arise, Polish companies are sought after to fix such problems,” said the deputy Maritime Economy minister.

“It struck me that every time I attend the Congress there are more and more participants,” said Poland’s consul to NYC Maciej Golubiewski, adding that the summit is an excellent occasion for information exchange and networking.

Mr Golubiewski also stressed that the Polish diaspora ought to participate in the US political life. Poles “should create electoral blocks because of the lack of organisations focused on the promotion and making use of the Polish diaspora’s potential for the public good,” he said , adding that transferring funds to political campaigns will pay off in the future.