As Poles get richer, they turn to more classic wheels

What was once a child’s dream now seems to be within a slightly better-off Kowalski’s foot reach, and that is a pedal of Volvo P1800.

“Lately, the interest in classic cars has spiked in Poland. It’s not just a hobby for the chosen few any more but a pursuit open to a broader group of car lovers,” auction coordinator of the only Polish classic and vintage cars Ardor Auctions auction house, Mateusz Kazula, told Poland’s public broadcaster.

Mr Kazula said that the classics et the trend nowadays. “As our society got richer, classic cars are more often regarded as collector's items and a form of investment. The number of these alluring machines keeps growing in Poland. The pricer of some cars that used to be considered luxurious has now depreciated and they have become more attainable,” said Mr Kazula.

According to the Ardor Auctions’ expert, Mercedes remains a symbol of “comfort, durability and dependability,” however, Porsche, Jaguar, BMW and Volvo, which has been steeply trending in recent years, are also much in demand.

The expanding circle of classic car-lovers is by no means limited to men, as women have also grown very fond of roadsters like Mercedes SL, Italian and British coupés and the comfortable grand tourers.

Mr Kazula said that “the automobile market put down roots [in Poland] and keeps growing, therefore an auction house specialising in classic automobiles is now needed. It is necessary to increase the number of houses offering such cars as it will improve the automobile culture in our country.”

Ardor Auctions is Poland’s first auction house of this type and has been providing classic wheels to Polish car-lovers since 2015.