Germany: at least 4 Poles dead in flat fire

“Four Polish nationals have died in a fire in an apartment in the town of Lambrecht on February 8. The identity of the fifth victim has not yet been confirmed”, the Polish Foreign Ministry stated.

“The Polish Consulate in Cologne is in constant contact with the Neustadt police who are investigating the circumstances of the fire. Information about the victims has been delivered to Polish offices according to the procedures. Some of their families have established contact with the consulate already,” the foreign ministry press office said.

However, the German police maintain they will only confirm the victims’ identity next week, following a DNA test.

The victims, two women and three men, died in a flat fire which broke out during the night of February 8 in the town of Lambrecht, near the French border, around 100 kilometres from Frankfurt am Main.

The causes of the fire are not known, with an electrical fault or negligence considered the most probable. A spokesman for the local fire department told the German news agency DPA that no fire detectors were present in the building and that all the victims were found in the same apartment. All the other residents of the block were safely evacuated.