Short track: Maliszewska wins World Cup!

Natalia Maliszewska has won the World Cup in the 500 metres race after finishing second at the event in Turin, Italy.

Short track: Maliszewska wins European championships

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With one 500 metres race still to be held on Sunday, Maliszewska already knows she will top the overall standings in the competition due to her advantage over her rivals.

During the event in Turin, the Polish skater made it to the final race in which she faced the Dutch skater Lara van Ruijven who was second in the overall standing. The race was restarted three times due to crashes. Maliszewska fought hard throughout the course of the whole race and a photo check was needed to determine the winner. Eventually, the Polish athlete came second, behind Martina Valcepina from Italy. However, the silver medal guarantees that she will top the overall 500m standing and win the World Cup in this competition. This is a historic success of the Polish short track skating.

The World Cup is yet another achievement in what is a great season for the 23-year-old Pole so far. Apart from her two victories in World Cup events, last month she was crowned the European Champion at her prime distance of 500 metres.

Last year, Maliszewska also won a silver World Championship medal. This year’s World Championships will be held from the 8 to 10 March in Sofia, Bulgaria. With such an excellent season, Maliszewska will be determined to finish it with a gold.