Ski jumping: Poland fourth in team competition

After an emotional competition, the Polish ski jumping team finished fourth at a World Cup event in Lahti, Finland, behind Austria, Germany and Japan.

Ski jumping: Kamil Stoch wins in Oberstdorf

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The Saturday team competition was a real roller coaster for the Polish fans. Comprising Jakub Wolny, Piotr Żyła, Dawid Kubacki and Kamil Stoch, the team circulated on and off the podium during the course of the competition.

Poland was third after the first round, less than three points behind Germany and over 20 points ahead of Japan. Crucial in achieving that were great jumps by Dawid Kubacki and Kamil Stoch, at 123 metres and 124 metres respectively. It seemed that the main goal in the final round would not be maintaining their third place, but fighting for silver.

However, in the final round the Polish athletes could not maintain their position on the podium.

Jakub Wolny’s mere 106 metres were followed by a very good effort by Piotr Żyła, at 125.5 metres. Poland was fourth, just behind Japan. When Dawid Kubacki reached 131 metres, it seemed that the bronze medal was within reach. However, the leader of the individual overall standing, Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi proved his worth once more, landing at 125 metres. This meant that Kamil Stoch had a tough task in front of him if Poland still dreamt of winning the bronze medal in Lahti.

Unfortunately, the Polish team’s best athlete this season failed to meet the expectations. By landing at 119 metres, it became clear that Japan would indeed finish ahead of Poland, by just 2.8 points.

Thus after a disappointing night, the Polish team will aim to improve their results during the individual event on Sunday.

The highlights of the night were definitely the outstanding jumps of Dawid Kubacki, at 131.5 and 123 metres, and a very bad performance by Jakub Wolny. His efforts at 112 and 106 metres were far from his best. Wolny reached his career best sixth place at an individual event in Oberstdorf last weekend.