Ski Jumping: Stoch triumphs in Lahti!

After two excellent jumps, Kamil Stoch won the ski jumping event in Lahti, Finland.

Ski jumping: Poland fourth in team competition

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Piotr Żyła finished the event in 10th place, Jakub Wolny was 14th, and Dawid Kubacki was 28th after a particularly poor second round jump. Maciej Kot and Paweł Wąsek finished the event after the first round, placed 33 and 43 respectively.

Apart from first placed Kamil Stoch, Dawid Kubacki, Jakub Wolny and Piotr Żyła also made it to the final round, placed 9, 10, and 13 respectively.

In the final round, the conditions were considerably worse, with almost all athletes reaching shorter distances than in the first round. Piotr Żyła landed at 120 metres, one metre worse than his first round effort. Jakub Wolny jumped 121 metres but the jumper who must feel the greatest disappointment is Dawid Kubacki. Placed fifth in the overall standing, Kubacki failed his effort completely, reaching just 103 metres.

All eyes were then set on Kamil Stoch who had a considerable advantage after his first round jump at 132.5 metres. He left no doubts, reaching 129 metres and winning the gold medal by an advantage of 17 points ahead of Japanese Ryoyu Kobayashi and almost 20 points ahead of Norwegian Robert Johansson.

It is Kamil Stoch’s second consecutive win, following his victory in Oberstdorf last week.

In the overall standing, Stoch reasserted himself in second place, ahead of Germany’s Stefan Kraft and behind Ryoyu Kobayashi. Piotr Żyła is fourth, with Dawid Kubacki right behind him.

The next event will be held in Willingen, Germany, next weekend.