Fencing: Polish epeeists victorious in team World Cup event

Poland’s women epee team has won a fencing World Cup Epee event and is now placed fourth in the overall standing.

Sunday was a great day for Polish sport. Following the victories of Natalia Maliszewska in short track and Kamil Stoch in ski jumping, Polish epeeists celebrated winning a team World Cup event in Barcelona.

Poland was represented by Renata Knapik-Miazga, Ewa Trzebińska, Aleksandra Zamachowska and Magdalena Piekarska. Seeded eighth, they began the tournament in the round of 16. Over the course of the weekend, they proved victorious over the Finns, the Ukrainians and then, in the semi-final, over the Americans who currently lead the world ranking. During Sunday’s final match, the Polish epeeists defeated the Russian team 45:40.

“We have shown calmness and composure. We knew that we could count on each other and that proved to be the key to success,” said Magdalena Piekarska after the victorious match. The Barcelona event is her first following a 15-month-long break after she was diagnosed with a tumour.

This result means that the Polish team is currently placed fourth in the overall standing, behind France, Russia and the US, who are in the lead.

Sunday’s team victory is the first for the Polish epeeists since November 2017. However, last year they won silver at the European Fencing Championships in Serbia.