President Duda to meet Three Seas Initiative conference participants

President Andrzej Duda would meet participants of a conference of the Three Seas Initiative being held in the capital Warsaw on Monday, Krzysztof Szczerski, the chief of the Polish presidential staff, said.

Mr Szczerski stressed that the main aim of the meeting is “to discuss various concrete investment projects that may be initiated this year by companies from Europe and the United States.”

Participants of the meeting would discuss in detail “issues related to participation of private and American investors in the implementation of the Three Seas plans which were presented in 2018 at the Bucharest Initiative Summit and the preparations for this year’s summit, scheduled to take place in Slovenia in the second half of this year,” Mr Szczerski was quoted as saying by the Polish press agency, PAP.

He declared that during the meeting, the Polish head of state would put special emphasis on “investments in energy security and transport infrastructure.”

The conference, held at the initiative of the US embassy in the Polish capital and the Atlantic Council think-tank will be attended by representatives of the presidential administrations of Poland, the US, Croatia, Slovenia and Romania, according to Mr Szczerski.

In addition, the US ambassadors accredited in the Three Seas countries and heads of diplomatic missions of Three Seas countries accredited in Warsaw, as well as an international group of experts and business representatives would attend the Monday’s meeting, Mr Szczerski announced.

Founded in 2016, the Three Seas Initiative, also known as the Baltic, the Adriatic, the Black Sea Initiative, is a forum of twelve nations in the European Union, located in Central and Eastern Europe. The combined area of the countries connects the Adriatic Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Black Sea. The states cooperate on infrastructural and energy projects.