‘Special relationship between Poland and Israel’: diplomat

In an exclusive interview to Poland IN, ahead of a Middle East conference in the Polish capital Warsaw, the Israeli ambassador to Poland, Anna Azari said that Poland and Israel shared a special relationship.

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“I think we do have a special relationship between our countries because of… pre-War, WWII, post-War issues. The relationship will always be special,” Ms Azari said, speaking to PolandIN's Jonasz Rewiński ahead of the security conference in Warsaw.

In early January, the US Department of State and the Polish foreign ministry announced that Warsaw will host a ministerial-level conference on the Middle East on February 13-14.

The meeting is expected to focus chiefly on Iran.

Iran has protested against Poland’s involvement in the meeting, calling it an act of hostility. The Iranian foreign ministry has lodged a formal protest against the event with the Polish charge d’affaires in Tehran.

The “Ministerial to Promote a Future of Peace and Security in the Middle East” will be held in Warsaw on February 13-14.

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