Biedroń’s Spring’s up in the polls

The new party formed by Robert Biedroń polls 16 percent in latest survey. It's only six points behind the main opposition party, the Civic Platform (PO), but the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) is well ahead of both with the support of 37 percent.

According to a poll carried out by the IBRIS agency and published by the “Rzeczpospolita” daily Mr Biedroń’s party has had a very encouraging debut on Poland’s political market. The first openly gay Polish politician and former mayor of Słupsk will be delighted about how his “Spring” is faring.

The survey showed Law and Justice well ahead on 37 percent of the vote. However, it showed the Civic Platform (22 percent) only six points ahead of “Spring” (16 percent). The only other party reaching the five percent electoral threshold is the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD).

The poll indicates that Mr Biedroń’s new party is taking votes away from the main liberal opposition party (PO) and other smaller political groups such as the SLD and Kukiz ‘15. The latter grouping headed by the rock musician Paweł Kukiz as well as the Polish Peasants Party (PSL) are both projected to be just short of the five percent threshold in the IBRIS survey.

Talks between the PO, PSL, SLD and “Modern” parties about forming a wide electoral coalition for the coming European and Parliamentary elections are continuing. This poll may concentrate minds. Mr Biedroń’s spring has certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons on Poland’s electoral scene.

Law and Justice will be pleased that its poll ratings are virtually unchanged by the arrival of the new party. According to the big lead it enjoys over the PO in this poll the party would enjoy another parliamentary majority.