Terrorism suspect detained by Polish authorities

Polish Internal Security Agency (ABW) in cooperation with the Border Guard apprehended a Russian citizen of Chechen origin suspected of terrorist activities.

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The spokesperson of the minister-coordinator for the secret services confirmed that Nurmagomed M.(name withheld under Polish privacy laws) was detained in Poland.

“He was apprehended on January 30, but due to the safety reasons we did not report about the activities of ABW,” Mr Żaryn told the Polish Press Agency. He added that over this period, a court decided that the suspect will be deported.

According to the findings, while present in Poland, Mr M. was involved in terrorist activities and is suspected of acting on behalf of terrorist organisations.

ABW has established that the man, who is awaiting deportation, collaborated earlier with Azamat B., who was believed to have connections to Islamic State and was expelled from Poland.