‘112’ called over 20 mln times in Poland last year

In 2018, the operators of the emergency number 112 received over 20 million calls. The health and lives of all our countrymen are often in the hands of these operators said Polish Interior Minister Joachim Brudziński on Monday, February 11, which marks the European Day of the Emergency Number 112.

Mr Brudziński met with the operators of this emergency number from all over Poland in Radom, central Poland, on Monday. During his visit to the local Emergency Call Centre, the functioning of 17 such facilities operating in Poland was summarized.

The Interior Minister thanked them for their responsibility, commitment and professionalism.

"You are the people in whose hands often rest the health and even the lives of all our countrymen. (...) Thanks to your professional and immediate reaction, many human lives have been saved,” Mr Brudziński stressed.

At the same time, Joachim Brudziński called for caution and common sense when dialling 112.

"I am sorry to say that, but these 20 million calls resulted in about 7 million interventions. Less than 60 percent are legitimate applications, but unfortunately, the rest of them turned out to be false alarms," he said.

Mr Brudziński pointed out that 112 was being called multiple times by "irresponsible and imprudent people" who treat it as an opportunity to make jokes.

"It is necessary to talk about it with children and educate them, because it is not funny - it is an extreme irresponsibility," the Interior Minister stressed.